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Dead Reckonings, No. 22
Writing Stuff - 11.5.17 - Dean

I recently wrote a piece for Dead Reckonings, a journal by Hippocampus Press, entitled "The Art of NecronomiCon." It's a reflection of my experience as a gallery artist and vendor during the 2017 NecronomiCon in Providence, Rhode Island. My copy is in the mail and I'll post some interior shots of the book soon!

Silvarum Receives A Friendly Nod From Green Hand Books!
Writing Stuff - 10.29.17 - Dean

My friend Michelle over at Green Hand Books in Portland has graced her blog with the images of my new book Silvarum. It's so cool to see it in a stack of Lovecraftian styled books. Michelle and I got to chat a few times during this year's NecronomiCon, and these are some of the books she picked up. Be sure to check out her site and read the blog!

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A Cyclopean Journey Under an Eldritch and Gibbous Moon
Event Stuff - 8.14.17 - Dean

The time has finally arrived for me to gather my drawings and books and venture through the rolling hills of New England to the haunted corners and courtyards of Providence, Rhode Island. The 2017 NecronomiCon is upon us! I will be setting up a decrepit, web-covered vendor table to sell a collection of my disturbingly whimsical and grim illustrations. I will also be featuring many fresh copies of Silvarum, my new novel based on a bunch of annoying teenagers that slay demons and monsters and stuff. Click here to follow the journey!

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Enveloped in the Cloak of Midnight
Writing Stuff - 7.13.17 - Dean

Behold! Three years of sweat and tears have magically turned into a real life book. Silvarum has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier with this version's look and feel and overall construction. The quality of the book is top notch! The paperback cover has a matte finish with a slight texture and the pages have a 60lb weight with an oyster tone. The quality of the interior illustrations turned out fantastic. There are fifteen full page illustrations plus the twenty-two smaller illustrations for each chapter heading. I mentioned in a previous update that I was going to have the cover title printed in a silver foil. I decided to hold off on that fanciness until the second batch. Those should be available next month. So, friends, please order a copy of Silvarum, Book I: Frost today and check it out! It has a little bit of everything in there. Fantasy, action, magic, tons of sarcasm, horror, and a cool dude called Gothkar. Now, back to writing Part II!

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She Was Swathed In Providence
Art Stuff - 7.10.17 - Dean

Your favorite creepy lady will be on display as part of the 2017 Ars Necronomica exhibition from August 16-31 at the Woods-Gerry Gallery at the RISD. This is an ink drawing that I did in 2006 as a collaboration with my friend Ben Jungbluth. I get asked all the time what this drawing is supposed to mean. Who knows!? Like any piece of good artwork, the meaning is what you make it. Over the years I have seen all kinds of reactions to this specific drawing. Sadness, amazement toward the drawing style, and even disgust. In my opinion, that is the purpose of art. To evoke an emotion that is relative to your own experience. Also, please do not ask me what that thing is coming out of the water. I don't know!

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"She Was Swathed In Sorrow"

Kadiaphonek Coffee Shop
Writing Stuff - 7.7.17 - Dean

Silvarum, Book I: Frost is done! Well, the first part, Part I: The Woods, is complete. I decided to split the two parts of Book I into separate books. My plan is to combine them into one book (600+ pages) once I have Part II: Departure completed (in about a year or so). Sorry, it takes me forever to write and draw stuff. Anyway, the first part of Book I is at the printers right now and should be available for purchase in about a week. Part I is 300 pages long, has twenty-two chapters, illustrated maps of the region/world, and seven illustrated notebook pages and artifacts recovered from the streets of Nexxathia. "That crap is happening all over again whether you care or not. So, you had better start paying attention. And if we do not handle it like we did before, then all of this is finished. This great coffee, your new studio, even Kad itself. They are coming." -Benjamin Woods

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The Stars Guide the Path
Writing Stuff - 5.19.17 - Dean

Wew! Writing, illustrating, and designing a book series all by yourself takes a long time (this project started in 2014). I have a few updates on the status of Silvarum. First off, the first book, Silvarum, Book I: Frost, Part I: The Woods, is still on schedule to be published and available by August. Probably sooner since I'm finishing up the last bit of editing now and only have a couple maps and chapter illustrations to complete. The cover design is done. Click here to get a good view of the front and back cover. One cool feature for the front cover is that I'm going to have the title in a stamped silver foil. Much more to come!

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Under Raven and Forest
Events Stuff - 3.1.17 - Dean

Hell yea! I've been invited to be one of the vendors at this year's NecronomiCon Providence 2017 that runs from August 17-20! I'm now doing shows and selling my work with the official organizations of my two favorite authors of all time: H.P. Lovecraft and Edger Allen Poe. This means that for the NecronomiCon in August, I'll be making the eldritch and cyclopean journey under a gibbous moon up to Providence, Rhode Island to display my work and take part in the weirdest collection of Lovecraft freaks in the country. In 2013 I was also a participant with the NecronomiCon, but was unable to attend in person. This year, however, I'm all in. In addition to hustling an irrational amount of original artwork and large prints, I'm also planning for this event to be the first time I show off my current book project. Silvarum, Book I: Frost is 50% complete (around 500 pages when done), but I'm confident that I'll have it wrapped up and published by the show. I can't think of a better place to unveil it than at the official H.P. Lovecraft convention. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. A time will comeā€”but I must not and cannot think! Let me pray that, if I do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.

Pluto and Edgar are Cool Catz
Events Stuff - 1.21.17 - Dean

Wow! What a fun time I had at Poe's 208th Birthday Bash today at the Edgar Allen Poe museum in Richmond, Va! I met a ton of people and made some new friends and had a super cool time celebrating Poe's birthday and talking about art all day. The weather was overcast and foggy and grey and miserable. PERFECT! It set the optimal mood and atmosphere for the celebration of America's most macabre and dark writer. Even though there was a little mist now and then throughout the day, it wasn't a big deal and I occasionally had to wipe off the build up on my prints and books. Easy! My little table and display were featured in the brick and ivy courtyard of the museum. A couple of the museum's black cats, Pluto and (I forget the name of the other one. Edit 7/18/17: His name is Edgar! Duh.), roamed around the grounds and now and then stopped by to say hello. Check out the photo on the right of Pluto expressing his admiration for my cross-hatching and shading skills. That black cat really knows what the hell he's talking about! Happy 208th Birthday Edgar!!!

The Tell-Tale B-Day
Events Stuff - 1.12.17 - Dean

Woohoo! I've been invited to be one of a handful of local artists to display and sell artwork at this year's Poe Birthday Bash at the Poe museum in Richmond, Va! This will be my first time attending the birthday bash and this looks awesome. Live music, a reading of The Pit and the Pendulum, a screening of Poe movies, and birthday cake! It's been a while since my last show, so I gotta get crackin' and make some prints and stuff!

The Year of the Art-tastic
Art Stuff - 1.2.17 - Dean

Whaaaaaaaa?! The second day of 2017 and I've completed another character portrait for Silvarum. I hereby declare 2017 the year of the art. OK, that sounds stupid. Uhhh, say hello to Marie Woods. She's one of Roger's sisters and she's fifteen years old. She doesn't have a cool looking mask like her younger brother, but she does have some pretty rad magical abilities. What are they, you ask? Book. Patience. It's coming. In the meantime, I'm going to try and complete her older sister's portrait tonight. *grabs pencil*

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Steam and Brass
Art Stuff - 1.1.17 - Dean

Holy sh*t! I actually started and completed a drawing on the first day of the year. Yesterday I said I wanted 2017 to be artastic and I guess I really meant it. Anyway, this is the first of many character portraits to come for my overly epic story idea called Silvarum. Say hello to Roger Woods, one of the main protagonists. *wave* He's a fourteen year old boy and right now he's featuring his demon-alien-slaying mask. It has all kinds of cool features and gadgets, but you'll just have to wait and read the book to find out what they do, now won't you? hmmph.

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The Pit and the Museumulum
Art Stuff - 12.31.16 - Dean

The last day of 2016 and I finally got around to finishing the first illustration for the Bates Map project for the Edgar Allen Poe museum in Richmond. Dude, I have been slacking this year in the art department! Let's make 2017 artastic (that was lame, I know). In full disclosure, I positioned a couple of the buildings in the wrong direction, but this piece was mainly to achieve a specific style. I'll get them right in the next drawing I swear!

Bates Map Illustration
Writing Stuff - 9.10.16 - Dean

OK here is cool project number one for the Poe museum. I'm going to begin an illustration for a giant map of Richmond from 1835. The map I'm going to be using as a reference is the Bates map that was published in 1835. On the right is a photo of the 3-D model of Richmond from that time. My task is to combine both versions into an insanely detailed, ink illustration. Follow the progress here!

The Lady Madeline of Usher
Writing Stuff - 8.14.16 - Dean

I am stoked to report that I will be working on two commissioned projects for the Edgar Allen Poe museum in downtown Richmod, Va. I will be doing three illustrations to start with. The first is an illustrated map of downtown Richmond as it was during 1835. Next will be two ink illustrations for a couple of Poe's stories. I'll be posting sketches and finished pieces here, so stay tuned friends. "I must perish in this deplorable folly. Thus, thus, and not otherwise, shall I be lost."

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