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This is a charcoal pencil drawing that I did in 2007. It's inspired by Lovecaft's use of the word "cyclopean," which he tends to use a lot. Plus it sounds cool, which is probably why he used it a lot.

"Cyclopean Peaks"

Click each thumbnail to see more detail!

Original drawing: Available! ($550.00)

Member comments
This is a fabulous piece of art. Dean, I have to say you have one of the most interesting, fresh, moody, and wonderfully tactile styles I've seen on this site and others like it. The amount of atmosphere you put into each piece is amazing. I love, love, love the birds. Your drawings remind me of slightly fuzzy, grainy old photos. Mmm. Nothing to criticize here.
Great work. The aerial perspective is really well executed, which brought about some strong shadows on and around building. Inclusion of birds adds mood that likely wouldn't have been evident if they weren't there. Also, birds help to keep attention upon building while still allowing mountain peaks to play a role in this piece.

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