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"Ethereal Light"

This is an ink and pencil (a little for the sky) illustration that I did in 2006. Originally, the design had a small child standing at the top of the tower. Check out the scetches section to see an example of the original design.

Click each thumbnail to see more detail!

Original drawing: Sold! 12/9/2018

Signed Prints: Available!


Member comments
Dean, What a great piece!! This has such a nice gray quality to it from the profusion of linework. Wow. It's like a plate engraving.

I know the beastie should be the main focus in this, but I can't keep my eyes off the houses on the hill. As I've said before, your towns look like they're honest to goodness, real places, where people walk from one house to the next with walkways, paths, stairs, landscaping.... I wanna live there!

You've done a great job with the atmosphere in this, too--the foreground is highly detailed with the greatest tonal range, the hill behind it drops the tone back just a bit, but still has a lot of forest detail, the mountains further back have a great misty, far-off feel.

To be frank, the weakest part of this piece is the creature's head. It's just the tiniest bit on the cartoony side to me. I think it's the eyes.... they look a little too elliptical, plus a lot of the eye is hanging outside the lid. Maybe the iris and pupil construction is a little too basic...not sure what it is!! :)
It's not a big complaint--it's not really a complaint at all. I just keep noticing it and can't figure out what doesn't look right (As if a multi-eye'd tentacled behemoth could ever look right)

It's an awesome, awesome piece. I actually felt my pulse quicken as this one loaded in. What a great feeling! I wish I could have that more often.

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