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"Goddess of Dark Water"

This is an ink illustration that I did in 2006. It's another example of the symmetrical style with a central focal point. I have no clue what the thing in the center is, so don't ask. Someone once told me it looks like a person holding a dog's head. -_-

Click each thumbnail to see more detail!

Original drawing: Available! ($750.00)

Member comments
This is another consistently high quality piece. As always, you've done a great job with your techniques to produce a rich texture and tonal range. I like the abstracted subject matter. It reminds me of some of the ancient sculptures produced by our cave dwelling ancestors. Check this out to see what I mean...

As you continue to improve on your technique and content, also think about your composition. While symmetrical works are interesting in their own way, try to find a way to keep the overall symmetry of form, while providing some variation in the detail. A tree, for instance, may appear to be very symmetrical from afar, but as you get closer, you see that the limbs, branches, twigs all have different angles, twists, turns, etc.

For this piece, you could have retained the overall symmetry formed by the tentacles, but changed the undulations so they wrapped in different directions. It would add some more elements to keep the viewer interested longer. And it may have made it a bit less tedious for you ;)

So...did that make any sense at all?

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