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Why register?          

If you become a registered member you will be able to use all the communication channels provided. This includes commenting on items, posting critique in the galleries, chat with other members and sending in-site mail using the internal message system (coming soon!).

What do you get?       

You get your own member page from where your profile can be accessed. On your member page you have the ability to upload and change your member avatar, as well as upload and change the little banner in the profile section. There's also an option to update your member status or write whatever you want in there to make your profile even more nice and cozy. As a registered member you are able to use the communication channels as described above. You can also add artwork to the galleries (coming soon!). Now doesn't that sound great?!

Earn points and achievements!               

When you register as a member, you have the ability to earn points, or rubies! Why rubies, you ask? I have no idea, they're just cool, ok? Anyway, each time you perform an action on the site or socialize in any of the comments sections, you earn more rubies. The more rubies you earn, the more achievements you will unlock. All of your unlocked achievements are displayed on your member page. design and all content is © 2015-2019 by Dean Kuhta.