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What is fantasy nameart?  

Fantasy namearts are custom drawings that I illustrate based on the letters of your name. They're generally fantasy themed, but can be based on anything you like! Want your name to be set within the ocean floor, or a graveyard with zombies? No problem! Just let me know in the "extras" section below.

What do you get?  

You get the ORIGINAL illustration. The base size is 8 x 10 and framed within a colored matte of your choosing. Check out the example here of a finished nameart!

How much does it cost?  

Fantasy namearts cost $10 per letter. So, if your name is "Freddie," the total cost would be $70. If your name is "Gwendolyn" the cost is $90, and so on. Please submit your order using the form below and I'll send you an invoice and get started on your illustration right away. Thanks!

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youre very welcome! :D
thank you for my awesome nameart!! <3 <3

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