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A Cyclopean Journey Under an Eldritch and Gibbous Moon - Part II
Event Stuff - 8.2.19 - Dean

The time has finally arrived for me (again!) to gather my drawings and books and venture through the rolling hills of New England to the haunted corners and courtyards of Providence, Rhode Island. The 2019 NecronomiCon is upon us! I will be setting up a decrepit, web-covered vendor table to sell a collection of my disturbingly whimsical and grim illustrations. I will also be featuring many fresh copies of Outpost 28 and Silvarum, my new novel based on a bunch of annoying teenagers that slay demons and monsters and stuff.

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I literally did not start the journey under a gibbous moon.

Hail, Providence!

Presidential suite at the Omni, of course.

Time for vendor set-up. Where the hell is my table?

Oh, here I am.

All set up. Now time to head over to the gallery show at the Providence Art Club

At the Ars Necronomica reception. Where's my piece?!

I don't see it in this room. Hey, dude with the weird hat. Where's my drawing?

Let's see...what's that over there. Could that be it?

There it is! NecronomiCon 2019 original drawing.

Hey! Who's that tool by my wonderful drawing?! Get outta the shot, bro!

Brett is utterly dumbfounded by my amazing work of art!

Alright, it's zero hour. Time for the first day of the show!

NecronomiCon merch. Notice my poster for sale!

James Quigley was my booth-buddy this year. We ended up doing an original art swap!

My new friends Tony and Alexa drop by to say hello!

The great Christa Carmen makes an appearance!

Michelle and I finally got our selfie this year!

Jen sold her original drawing of Abigail from Silvaurm!

This was a very cool moment for me during this year's show.

She even bought an original!

A quick break, then off to do other fun stuff!

Enjoying HPLHS’s Dark Adventure Radio Theater!


The choir's voices raised in song!

The Cthluhu rap contest begins. Yes, I just said that.

Yo VIP! Let's kick it.

Praise be to the Old Ones!

The Dunwich Horror PICTURE SHOW at the Columbus Theater!

A few Elder Gods stop by to enjoy the production!

More tea?

Don’t dream of Yog Sothoth, be Yog Sothoth.

Kickin' it with my new buds, Tony and Alexa.

That's it! What an amazing experience. See you again in 2021, NecronomiCon!

Check out my NecronomiCon adventure from 2017!

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thanks! I can't wait to go!
I wish I was going to this...have fun! :)

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