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Outpost 28 is a collection of dark short stories inspired by the old pulp magazines from the 60s and 70s. Some of my favorites that influenced this project include Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, and Astounding Science Fiction. Outpost 28 strives to carry on this tradition of collaborative writing and artwork. We hope you enjoy the stories, artwork, and interviews in this first issue and many more issues to come. By the way, Outpost 28 is an ol' fashioned, rootin' tootin' book with real paper pages that you turn with your fingers. No ebook rubbish here.

Issue #1 features ghoulish stories by Jake Bauer, S.C. Megale, Dean Kuhta, and Ayesha Ahmad as well as artwork by professional artists like Andy Fairhurst, Michael Brack, Socar Myles, Benjiman Jungbluth, and Rachael Alexandra. In addition, there are two interviews in this issue that feature Jason Walton from the band Agalloch and an interview with Tim Cretella from Doppio Music. Order your copy of issue #1 today to enjoy bizarre worlds filled with monsters, ghosts, and the undead!


Issue #1 Front Cover

Issue #1 Back Cover

The Thing in the Cellar

The After

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