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Silvarum, Book I: Frost

Silvarum is a tale that follows three teenage siblings, Roger, Mckenzie, and Marie, through the world of the Living as they pursue the mysterious rune stones of Nexxathia. At the same time, within the shadow world of the Undead, two teenage friends, Abigail and Penny, must face their own journey through the darkness and cold. A family's ancient legacy, intertwined with a vast collection of magnificent and bizarre creatures, must battle a legion of enemies and dark forces. Ghosts, demons, castles, magic, technology, wizards, dinosaurs, robots, witches, dragons, and sarcastic teenagers... Welcome to the world of Silvarum.

Author: Dean Kuhta

Illustrator: Dean Kuhta

Release Date: July 2017

Format: Paperback

Pages: 300

Price: $15.00

Chapter I: The Runestones
Chapter II: Wind Through the Leaves
Chapter III: Little Lonely Girl
Chapter IV: Steam and Brass
Chapter V: Patterns in the Mist
Chapter VI: The Lichgate
Chapter VII: Log Entry 377
Chapter VIII: Stereographic Projections
Chapter IX: Gazing Unto the Stars
Chapter X: Dead Winter Days
Chapter XI: Hallways of Moonlight
Chapter XII: CAAT v1.2.13
Chapter XIII: Warington Castle
Chapter XIV: Evenfall
Chapter XV: Trail of Insects
Chapter XVI: Dragons and Witchcraft
Chapter XVII: A Soothing Glance
Chapter XVIII: The Shadowkuur
Chapter XIX: Spacetime Distortions
Chapter XX: Dirge for September
Chapter XXI: Morningrise
Chapter XXII: Ethereal Light

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