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Three teenage siblings must reclaim the eight runestones of Nexxathia to save their world from the Dream-King.


See what readers are saying about Silvarum!

"Silvarum is an unexpected, adventurous, and intriguing foray into the fantasy realm. Kuhta expertly weaves dynamic characters and otherworldly ideas into a fascinating tale, inviting the reader to go on quite an imaginative journey. Book I: Frost, introduces a large cast of characters and sets the stage for what seems to be the beginning of an intricate, compelling, and complex voyage through a fantastical world. Through a variety of twists and turns, the reader is launched into a world of good and evil, magic wands, monsters, dragons, magic, multiple dimensions, and bizarre creatures including a quirky, steampunk inspired spider named, Click. Part 1 of Frost ends with a curious event that leaves the reader yearning for Part 2. Additionally, an unexpected delight is Kuhta’s intricate artwork, which is highlighted throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers." --Tammy

"Silvarum is a wonderful book. The three storylines that ran alongside one another in particular were very good, as were the incredible diversity of characters. It’s very appealing for people in the preteen-teenage age group, but anyone could really read it. The art was beautiful and really made the story come to life. The book left me hanging at the end, and all together, it’s the type of book that makes you want to read more and more of it." --Cassie

"Such a breath-taking book. The build-up of plot made me so excited to go on an adventure with these amazing, smart kids. This proves that everyone has a special, unique talent, and it can benefit your surrounding community. In this case, Silvarum! I love how the setting is set, and the provided information of backgrounds adds a foundation to the story that would have never been seen if it hadn't. This has become my top favorite book of all-time! This book, this storyline, could really become popular through word-of-mouth. Honestly, this would become a great movie, much like The Hobbit or Harry Potter. Once again, this should be an award-winning book.. I really loved it, and I would read every book more than once." --Autumn

"Dean Kuhta's novel, Silvarum, is part of what will be an eight-book series. Book I: Frost, certainly sets the scene for the impending battle between the good folk of Thorndale and the evil creatures of Nexxathia, in a larger-than-life way.

Silvarum opens with a Narnia-esque feel that is both familiar and delightful. The conversations among siblings Marie, Mckenzie, and Roger Woods are reminiscent of those among the Pevensies prior to their exodus into the wardrobe, and that underlying suspense, and tense, expectant mood, permeates Kuhta's prose from one chapter to the next.

Believe me when I tell you that there's something for everyone in Silvarum, but the vast array of characters and species never feels overdone, and that is a testament to Kuhta's ability to weave a satisfying and coherent story. Ghosts, Pocahontas and John Smith, dinosaurs, giant insects, overgrown arachnids, flying reptiles, and other bizarre creatures populate the pages of Silvarum, many of these coupled with hypnotic works of art by the author himself.

The story’s structure is told in past tense third person omniscient, interspersed with chapters featuring Abigail Somberlain and Penny Crofts in their graveyard, and Dr. Edric Drake’s log entries detailing an expedition in a distant mountain range, called the Shadow Mountains. The Shadow Mountains was where Dr. Drake and the eight other archaeologists, scientists, and geologists conducted research and collected data on the natural resources of that desolate, Arctic region. They found something else in that region; eight magical runestones and the Watcher's Pyramid. Something that was a lot more than they bargained for!

The imagery of Abigail (a young violinist killed in a car crash on her way home from a recital) in her graveyard is one of my favorite aspects of Silvarum. Kuhta's descriptions of the dust-entombed mausoleum, and the creepy, blinking book that Abigail shares her crypt with, are vivid and lyrical, and the sadness felt for the (breathing?) dead girl (her mother materializes and then is snatched away from her) is as unambiguous as the starkly enchanting prose.

***Side note, I love that Dean Kuhta's press is called Elvelon Press; the Elvelon are an ancient race of tree-men that include oak trees with long bushy, beards, made of tangled lichen and gray mosses, and they provide sturdy homes and security for the gnome families. Just another part of the rich and brilliant world Kuhta has created.

I greatly look forward to the second installment of the Silvarum series. The Woods family may have become fragmented by the end of Book I (I won't give away anything, but we lose a major player in the war against the Nexxathia runestone guardians and the eventual facing off against the Dream-King), but the familial unit that bands together to set off and face the first of the runestones' guardians brings to mind another non-nuclear family in a magical world (Harry, Hermione, and Ron, anyone?) Silvarum is truly a fine ghost story/adventure tale/epic quest if I've ever read one! " --Christa

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An eight-book fantasy series

BOOK I: Frost



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Cast of characters (some of them)

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This was a fun book! I really enjoyed it :) when does the next part come out?
hi @SwedishAutumn! I’m so glad that you are liking the book! :)
Wow, I'm only halfway in the book today, and I just got it on Sunday, 11/26!!! The plot is so intense, and it makes me curious about the real world itself. Throughout the book, I've taken notes and done some analyzing, trying to uncover the secret of the hexadecimal. How do you know of this stuff? It's crazy! Leaving great reviews, 5 stars, and I can't wait to continue the adventures of Silvarum!
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