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Silvarum tells the story of Abigail, Penny, Roger, Mckenzie, and Marie and their adventures to reclaim the mysterious runestones of Nexxathia. It is a coming of age tale, set within an imaginative realm of magic and wonder, that focuses on concepts such as family dynamics, friendship, loss, and first love. A family’s ancient legacy, intertwined with a vast collection of magnificent and bizarre characters, will battle a legion of dark forces and monsters. Ghosts, dragons, castles, magic, witches, technology, dinosaurs, and sarcastic teenagers. Welcome to the realm of Silvarum!

Title: Silvarum, Book I: Frost

Author: Dean Kuhta

Illustrator: Dean Kuhta

Cover Artist: Jennifer Lesser

Foreword: Christa Carmen

Release Date: October 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 684

Illustrations: 25+

Version: 3rd Edition

Series: Book I of VIII

Publisher: Elvelon Press

Price: $20.00 design and all content is © 2015-2019 by Dean Kuhta.