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Stage I: Departure
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This is a pencil drawing for a series that I began in 2006. It will be the cover illustration for the first book in the Silvarum series. The drawing does not represent a particular character in the story. It is more of a metaphor. Can you guess what it means?

Member comments
Man, I think back to your first pieces like the 'war wagon' and you've grown like a damn weed. This is a wonderful piece. There is such a powerful mood created by the atmosphere and the tree that the human elements (on the road and in the roots) are almost on the verge of being a distraction.
You're almost developing a kind of 'Tim Burton' quality to your work... It's so distinct and dark, with little quirks and characteristics.
This is great stuff and I look forward to the rest.
Creepy mood cascades across hillside as tree looks upon person traveling along pathway. Clouds add a sense of depth to image while keeping enough light area behind tree to give more presence and draw in this piece. Grass could have gone further into distance as it does on left side of path. Roots of tree are well defined, but they dont merge into ground in a typical manner. They almost seem to hover, since there is more light area around it creating a sense of seperation between the ground and tree. Well done never the less.
The mood and contrast in this piece are fantastic!

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