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Stage II: Through the Vast Enchanted Forest

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This is a pencil drawing for a series that I began in 2006. I think this is my favorite composition I have ever come up with. So far, at least. It will be the cover illustration for the second book in the Silvarum series. I did a child-friendly version of this illustration back in 2011.

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cant decide which piece i like best they all speak to me engage me i want to hear the rest of the story very intriguing
the technique is fun looks old, loved and mastered
what are you using?
you need to right a book to go with these
Lots of wonderful depth! i really like the shapes of the negative and positive space the trees make in the background :) Lots of nice details in the tree in the foreground. Love how the tree's roots make him look like he has a killer beard. Great value range as well!
Nice perspective from just behind the mushroom and butterfly as we look upon the person walking along path. Positive verses negitaive space are being taken care od quite well, most evident in space left beside tree near left side. Details are in general handled well, only concern is that grassy area just below path as it rounds bend could be slightly darker in order to hold position of path in alignment. Well done.

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