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"The Thing in the Woods"

This is an ink and pencil illustration that I completed in 2006. Part of the design I originally drew in 1999 or so.

Click each thumbnail to see more detail!

Original drawing: Sold!

Member comments
For starters, you've got an icredible bark texture going in the design of the head. It's obvious that it's a face of some sort, but it's an implied face, since there are really no eyes or nose to speak of. It's a creepy kind of humanoid that just reeks of ancient earth and forest.

The position of the neck is also a subtle treat. It's got the head pushed forward, like it's either leaning in for a good look at (or taste of) something. That gives a nice little mystery for us to figure out. Is this guy a malicious creature or just a benign woodland being?

You've got good contrast on the figure and the background is a nice neutral compliment.

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